This is England Handpainted Bag

This is England is easily one of my favorite shows (and films!) It (probably) came to an end earlier this Autumn and, full disclosure, I’ve not yet found it in my to finish off the series.
Anyway, I saw a faux leather reversible bag for $10 when I was out and decided that I had to paint something on it. I thought about what I wanted on it, bought some paint and finally decided on:

“Honestly, mate, you look sterling.”

Woody says it to Shaun immediately after Lol shaves Shaun’s head for uh, skinhead reasons. Cute, right?

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What’s your favorite comic series? One that’s not Marvel or DC.

Right now Image’s Wytches By Scott Snyder (writer) and Jock (illustrator) is high up on my favorites list. I snagged a second copy of issue 4, my pull list copy got all smudgy with lotion fingerprints (I’m a mess.) So I decided to do the logical thing and chop up my original copy and cut it up for some gothy decoupage. I already had a handful of coffin boxes that I picked up at Michaels last Halloween. They’ve been hanging out, primed, waiting for the right craft.

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Wytches Coffin Box