Influenster Glam VoxBox #choosetosmooth


I (not so) recently received an Influenster Glam  VoxBox in the mail. I’m going to give honest reviews of everything below — but just a reminder I #gotitfree in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions within are my own.

IMG_2933Honestly, I felt a bit weird getting a razor and shaving cream, Gillette Venus Swirl Razor + Gillette Venus with a touch of Olay in Violet Swirl. I normally shy away from shaving cream in a can because I find it so drying, but this wasn’t. I think that I’m going to primarily stick to my Trader Joe’s shaving cream, but this will be my go to in a bind (when I don’t feel like hauling myself to TJs.) My only disappointment was that it didn’t smell like violet candies. The razor is pretty nice too — but so pricey to replace, and I honestly didn’t notice and “swirl”ability over my normal razor.
IMG_2942The ultimate travel companion. These Cutex Advance Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads are amazing. I thought that they were going to be a total joke but ONE of them not only removed the polish from all of my fingers but also from all of my toes. I love wearing polish but I hate when it chips. I’m definitely going to be getting ore of these to have for on the go. Seriously, seriously impressed.
And on another manicure note, the Q-Tip Precision Tips I got were okay at cleaning up around the cuticle. But I prefer sticking to an old makeup brush in pure acetone. I’ve read reviews touting their spot makeup removing abilities, but I haven’t had a need to test that — plus the standard cotton swap works just fine for that. I’ll use up the pack but I likely won’t purchase.
IMG_2947Now here’s something that I wanted to be a winner. Look how well it works! This Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Unscented Dry Shampoo worked so well! But the scent was so clinical smelling? I’d almost rather it be scented. That said the size of this spray is pretty fantastic for popping into a bag, so I may have to repurchase.

And lastly, with no photo (because crumpled foil packs are too hard to style) is the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Frankincense & Myrrh. The pack contained Facial Wash & Scrub (to use 2-3 times a week), anti-aging moisturizer, and an anti-aging facial mask. I’m not sure if it’s helping to prevent aging, but this smells so good and especially with the weird weather we’ve been having lately, the mask has been so good to me.

Anyway, thanks to Influenster and all of the brands for sending the products. I had a lot of fun trying them out.


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