Whole Grain Seeded Bread

Seeded Bread
Earlier this week I made a load of Minimalist Baker’s Whole Grain Seeded Bread.

It’s super easy. Relatively fast. 9 ingredients (one is water) in one bowl. And it’s so good. Like, really, really good and everyone agrees. I’ve used it for toast and sandwiches. Just make it.

Seeded Bread

Seeded BreadI’ve been trying to cook more food. I’m not sure why I decided that making a load of bread was worthy of my time, but I’m glad that I made it. The process was easy but sort of soothing. And I was proud when I popped it out of the oven. Plus, most of the ingredients I picked up at a local farmers’ market. Which meant it was super inexpensive and I got to treat myself to a long john and soft pretzel.

After reading the comments, and knowing that my loaf pan is a bit on the narrow side, I turned my oven down to 425 F and baked my bread for a touch longer. The bread was still the tiniest touch not completely finished in the very center, but it was nothing that a quick toasting didn’t fix.

Seeded Bread


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