October 2015 Bookshelf

October 2015 Bookshelf 

Another month, another belated bookshelf.

And this month? All graphic novels and/or trades. Yikes? To be fair, I’ve increased the number of issues that I’ve been reading and uh… podcasts that I’ve been listening to.

  • Pride of Baghdad — Brian K. Vaughan (w.) Niko Henrichon (i.) :
    4/5 I’ve like everything Vaughan that I’ve read, so I’ll start there. Is this a bit trope-y? Yeah sure. But it’s based on a true story and it’s allegorical animals (exactly how they should be!) The art was beautiful, the story hurt my heart some. Warning, animals die.
  • Alex + Ada, vol. 2 — Jonathan Luna (w.) Sarah Vaughn (i.) :
    4/5 Continued adventures in uncanny valley. Alex’s grandma rules, some of his friends are super accepting, Ada tries to adapt. Definitely here for it. Ada trying new things, the politics… I found the whole thing a really good continuation from the first volume.
  • Lumberjanes, vol. 1: Beware the Kitten Holy — Noelle Stevenson (w.) Grace Ellis (w.) Brooke A. Allen (i.) :
    4/5 As a former Girl Scout and summer camp lover, Lumberjanes ruled. First important part, Kitten Holy collects issues 1-4, which is the first part of the initially planned limited run series that was only meant to go up to issue 8. While the bonus material included was fun, I would’ve rather had the first volume collect the entire first arc. That said, I think Lumberjanes is a lot of fun. Kick-butt summer camp shenanigans, battling some monsters, so many things with 3-eyes.
  • Locke & Key, vol. 4: Keys to the Kingdom — Joe Hill (w.), Gabriel Rodriguez (i.) :
    4/5 I don’t really have all too much to say, but if you’re into spooky stuff, definitely give Locke & Key a chance. So far, the story seems to be planned out start to finish, which is something I appreciate. And Rodriguez’s art is continuing to grow on me.
  • Gotham Academy, col. 1: Welcome to Gotham Academy — Becky Colonna (w.) Brenden Fletcher (w.) Karl Kerschl (i.) :
    4/5 I’ll be the first to admit that Gotham Academy didn’t capture me the first issue. I finally sat down and read the trade. It’s cute and fun in a Scooby Gang kind of way. I liked the thought put into the character designs and characterization (everyone acts consistently!) and the art. Totally something I plan to pick up the second trade of and definitely something I’d recommend to some kids/tweens.
  • Trick ‘r’ Treat: Days of the Dead — Michael Dougherty (w.), Fiona Staples (i.) Stephen Byrne (i.) Stuart Sayger (i.) Zid (i.) :
    4/5 Ahhh! I really, liked this. Honestly. I feel like a fair few people were upset with the lack of Sam in this…but Sam was definitely there in some unconventional forms. He is the spirit of Halloween after all. And I say this as a big enough Sam fan that I named my cat after him. I love Fiona Staples art so we were off to a great start. I enjoyed how the stories were intertwined, though it wasn’t as tightly woven as in the film — but this is because the stories being told were from different time periods. That said, they still have that common thread. If you’re a fan of the film, Halloween or even anthologies pick up a copy.

I’m seriously behind on my November reading (ugh, I’ve been trying to make my way through Outlander) so now’s as good of a time as any to start doing updates per book or per week, right? At least until I increase my reading again in the new year.


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