Reykjavik part 4 : Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon
Yes, it’s touristy. Yes, most of the Icelandic folk I spoke to have never been there. But If you go, you should do it. You should definitely go to the Blue Lagoon.
Blue Lagoon

My friend and I splashed out on the “comfort” package, rather than borrowing the towels we’d rented from the hostel. It includes a towel, a beverage from the bar and a skin care trial pack. Don’t go slapping on that mask when you get to the lagoon though! Shower up, (bathing) suit up, and let the water work it’s magic.
Then navigate your way over to the buckets of silica mud mask, slather it all over yourself, wait 15 minutes and rinse. Then look for a girl in a flowery bathing cap. You might luck out and she might have more mask samples. Honestly, after the silica mask, the algae mask and slapping on some of that crazily priced lip balm (it works about $26 US) my skin looked amazing. Walk around, hang out on the edge. Have a drink. Go into a steam room and if you’re anything like us, regret it immediately and try to tough it out for a bit. Find the pop-up photo service and have her send you the cute photos of you and your friend.
Yeah, it’s tourists. But it was so much fun.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon


The final night
We wound up back at Dillon and it just so happened that the Viking was also there, with some of his friends. We’d passed him earlier in the day, on the street on our way back from the Blue Lagoon. Next thing you know we’re talking to this guy who actually owns the store that accepts bitcoin that’s on the corner of the block with our hostel. And he’s telling us how the world is flat. We briefly chat to some English tourists and then we decide that yes, heading out to the Icelandic elf’s house (it was his aesthetic) was a good call. Because we totally needed to listen to Icelandic music. And by that I mean their various bands. Because every dude we met was a musician (the stereotype is very real.)
And then all too soon our vacation is over.

I’d fully intended to sleep the entire flight home. But after having the middle-seat (an incredibly tall Icelandic man) switched with a (still mega tall) German American woman. Her and our window seat (26, American dude from Baltimore) and I hit it off right away. And we talked for the entire 6.5 hours home. We’re friends now, yo. Phone numbers were exchanged and friends were friended on Facebook. We shared candy and an apple. And we talked about everything. I could not have asked for better seat mates or a better ending to my trip.


    • Do what you want. – I got a lot of flack for not really leaving the city. If I was going for a longer time, I would have, for sure. But for the time we were there, I think our itinerary was pretty great. We got to hit up more than the basic tourist stops in town, and the GoT tour allowed us to see some pretty cool stuff and learn some history.
    • Layer, layer, layer and play with outfit combinations. – I made sure that everything I brought with me could be layered and could be paired with a few other things that I brought with me. I generally stuck to my All Black Everything wardrobe with a few flannels thrown in. And for the most part I wound up in cold weather running tights (they pack super small and can keep you super warm!) plus a tshirt or merino wool sweater with a flannel. Plus some extra layers up top. On the Game of Thrones tour I’m wearing a tshirt, sweater, jacket and rain jacket. Plus scarf and gloves and sometimes a hat as well. You do you, but bonus points if to get ready for the night you just need to swap your tshirt for a dress and tie flannel around your waist. What? The ‘90s are totally in.
    • If you wanna meet locals, talk to locals. – On my return I #humblebragged to a dude I do yoga with that my friend and I wound up hanging out with more than a few locals. Did it help that we’re ladies? Probably. But we also put ourselves out there and ditched The Americans.

And for now? That’s it. I’ve got some videos that I may cobble together at some point and post and I might show the little photo book I made. But we’ll see.

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