Reykjavik part 1 : I Heart Reykjavik

I figure a few weeks out from my trip was high time to finally start writing about my time there.

To start with, it was amazing. What little I saw of the country has it ranked as the prettiest, most surreal place on earth. With some of the nicest people too. Honestly.
This post is going to be about Thursday, our first day, in Reykjavik. At the end, there’ll be short reviews of the airline and the hostel.

Of course, I didn’t sleep on the flight to Reykjavik, because despite it being a red eye, it was only around 1:30 a.m. EST when we landed at KEF. Iceland doesn’t participate in Daylight Savings/European Summer Time, so the time difference was only 4 hours. We pre-booked our fly- bus from the airport to the hostel which saved us a few bucks, but more importantly was just a serious convenience. That bus took us to the bus terminal and we hopped on a smaller bus to get dropped off at our hostel – most of downtown Reykjavik is too small for the full sized buses. We immediately dropped our bags, used the WC and went on a hunt for coffee and food.

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