August 2015 Bookshelf

I dropped the ball in August, y’all. I’m casually blaming it on the fact that I spent 4 days in Asheville flanked in 12 hours of travel on either side. Keeping my eyes open was a struggle. FOR REALS. That’s not what this post is about though. Asheville post to come.
On the bright side, I rearranged my main bookshelf. And I’ve got my room back in order after an ENTIRE SUMMER of renovations. Yikes.
That said, 8 books is nothing to turn my nose up at, especially seeing as Pioneer Girl is massive. Especially if you’re reading all of the annotations. And I managed to sneak in 2 books from August in my July list because I’m a confused mess. Seriously Goodreads, your mobile app needs updating.
Excuses, excuses. This post is late. I know. Trying to get my head in the game in all other aspects of my life has been a struggle. But here I am.
August 2015 Bookshelf

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