To Reykjavik We Go

It’s happening. For real. Seriously.

Photo from Moyan Brenn on flickr.

In September I’m headed to Iceland with my friend, Ashley.We haven’t technically travelled with each other. But we did actually meet while studying abroad in London.
It wasn’t totally spur of the moment, it took us a bit for the momentum to get going, but here we are. Tickets booked, hostel beds reserved.

Both of us have been getting pretty mixed reactions to the whole thing. My boss who is also her old boss didn’t think we were serious (we were.) A lot of people have been asking me “why Iceland?”
Like it’s something so outrageous.

So why Iceland? I’ve been interested in going to Iceland for a long time now… since before Game of Thrones. Probably since before I picked up a copy of Sigur Ros’s Takk…

I think it was probably a special about the northern lights that piqued my interest.

We have a loose itinerary and some very set in stone goals.

    • Lopapeysa — Snagging the perfect Icelandic wool sweater is high up there on our list
    • The Blue Lagoon — Yes, it’s touristy. But c’mon.
    • I Heart Reykjavik walking tour — Not as touristy as the Blue Lagoon, for sure. But we’re hoping it will get us acquainted with the city, especially because we’re getting in mad early and will be battling some serious jet lag.
    • Bar hopping — Obviously.

Then there are less set in stone things:
What kind of tour do we want to go on? Game of Thrones? Are we going to see some waterfalls? Some horses? Maybe even the northern lights?
My fingers are crossed for that last one. We’re pretty excited and frankly I don’t think there could be a better time for it.

Obviously, updates will be made.
So here’s the real question — has anyone been to Iceland (primarily Reykjavik) and have any must see spots or insider tips on getting a great sweater?


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