Ipsy June 2015 Glam Bag : swim into beauty

This June post is incredibly belated because the bag was so blah. So blah that I opened it and left it shiny pink packaging and all on top of my printer, which kitties promptly knocked behind the printer and I promptly forgot about. This review is mostly going to be a downer, which if you look at my older reviews on my old blog, you’ll find that I’m generally pretty stoked on the contents of my bag, even if they tend to be the “less popular” bags.

.Ipsy June 2015

First impressions!
I’m serious this time – after July I’m cancelling my Ipsy subscription. Why July? It’s my birth month so I may as well hang around for one more bag. I did the same with Julep to get the ruby polish last year

Ipsy June 2015

  • J. Cat Beauty lipitude hydrating lip stain – I feel like Ipsy always sends this color, which I don’t like as a color. Maybe this is hydrating? But I found it so sticky that after waiting for it to try to something less sticky I finally gave up and wiped it off. It left behind barely a hint of stain on my lips.
  • OFRA Cosmetics turquoise eyeliner – The color of this is at least seasonal, but frankly I’m not incredibly fond of any other brand of pencil liner outside of UD’s 24/7 ones. This eyeliner could be great if it stayed on my lids, which it doesn’t.
  • Smashbox Cosmetics photo finish foundation primer – Okay I’m maybe looking for my HG primer, but I feel like Ipsy sends me a primer nearly every other month. I rarely wear foundation so I tend to skip the primer too. This is a good enough primer (though I do prefer Pixie’s) but I’ve said in my reviews that I already have products like this in hopes of getting less.
  • BioRepublic Skincare sheet mask trio – These are the single thing I was excited for in my bag, and why I went hunting for it after it fell behind the printer. I’ve only tried the Green Tea Detox Purifying mask so far. And I liked it. I do tend to prefer gel-textured sheet masks, but I do appreciate that these are biodegradable. If I didn’t have enough masks to last me for awhile, I definitely would have purchased their Ipsy deal, though in the future I may snag a set of 3 of the Pomegranate Crush Illuminating masks.
  • Tre’StiQue mini shadow crayon in kona – Okay, the packaging for this is adorable. It looks like a little crayon but it’s plastic. My only qualm with this? The Shade Kona Coffee is mega dark, and I feel like with a shadow this dark would work best in a crease for fear of looking like me…circa 2004 and unaware of how to apply eyeliner. They suggest (via very cool gifs) on the site to apply all over the lid and blend out with the smudger included on the full size. And the full size product is $26, which is a bit too rich for my blood. That said, the colors they’ve released are seriously pretty and pretty universally flattering.
  • Ipsy the bag itself – At first I kind of hated this bag. Embossed neoprene on one side, waterproof? Synthetic on the other. But I’ve actually grown to kind of like it. The black and neon coral is fun for summer. And I feel like I should stash some granola bars in her.

Ipsy June 2015
swatches of the liner, shadow and lip stain

Ipsy June 2015
one swipe of a tissue after waiting for the lip stain to set (it never did)

Apologies for the wack lighting, the house is currently under construction and when I took these pictures I was down a window so it was all artificial lighting.


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