Ipsy June 2015 Glam Bag : swim into beauty

This June post is incredibly belated because the bag was so blah. So blah that I opened it and left it shiny pink packaging and all on top of my printer, which kitties promptly knocked behind the printer and I promptly forgot about. This review is mostly going to be a downer, which if you look at my older reviews on my old blog, you’ll find that I’m generally pretty stoked on the contents of my bag, even if they tend to be the “less popular” bags.

.Ipsy June 2015

First impressions!
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June 2015 Bookshelf

I figured since I’ve been a  more voracious reader this year than I’ve been since pre-college that I would do monthly updates with what I’ve read.
Last year, I started using my Goodreads account more seriously and participated in 2014’s Reading Challenge where you set your own reading goal and track your progress. This year, I decided to go with 32 books which now seems like such a small number. However, in 2014 I went with a goal of 26 books. Which would be a book about every 2 weeks. I surpassed it by a lot. 45 books, but 25 of them were single issue comics, picture books from the comic shop or books of photographs with blurbs that I re-read in order to decide if I should konmari them out of my life.

So really, I feel like I didn’t meet my goal.

But this year I was reinvigorated, and I set up some rules for myself: prose books count no matter what, trade paperbacks and graphic novels count. Single issues of comics do not. I have a massive TBR stack of comic related bits (actually a basket from Home Goods) and I am steadily making my way through. And that’s how I read 30 books by the end of June.

June Books

So, onto the books!

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