What’s your favorite comic series? One that’s not Marvel or DC.

Right now Image’s Wytches By Scott Snyder (writer) and Jock (illustrator) is high up on my favorites list. I snagged a second copy of issue 4, my pull list copy got all smudgy with lotion fingerprints (I’m a mess.) So I decided to do the logical thing and chop up my original copy and cut it up for some gothy decoupage. I already had a handful of coffin boxes that I picked up at Michaels last Halloween. They’ve been hanging out, primed, waiting for the right craft.


I love the story of Wytches and I feel like the art matches it perfectly, the water color overlay on the panels adds a depth that not a lot of comics have. And it was that background technique that served as a background for the smaller cut outs. And while most of the box is straight up decoupage, there are certain areas where I tried to emulate the colors and Jock’s style to fill in the gaps.




Wytches Coffin Box


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