Blood Milk Jewels

Blood Milk Collection 2

I feel a bit weird sharing this, like a humble brag about a small collection of baubles. But I figured I would share about my collection of Blood Milk Jewels. I’ve been obsessed for awhile and I believe that I acquired my first piece in the fall of 2012. Her semi-annual sale coinciding with my post-collegiate job that wasn’t temping.

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And I haven’t stopped collecting since. I wait until her semi-annual sales and I generally pick up a piece after debating over them forever. It sounds silly, I guess. But I subscribe to the idea of jewelry as talisman, miniature shields and armor. I wore a triple skull ring on my left hand middle finger for years and years. I have scars from it being slammed into my finger more than once.
I had a fairy charm that I wore for most of middle and high school. Then a glass lemon charm that I lost in London. Sterling silver has always seemed to offer me some form of protection or solace, even if it’s all in my head.
Jess, the creative genius behind Blood Milk seems to feel the same. The tagline is “supernatural jewels for surrealist darlings” and every piece has an incredible backstory put into every piece.

Belonging to the Darkness
Belonging to the Darkness (black CZ) ring and my first piece from Blood Milk, the band is a gift from my mom (Elizabeth and James.) My only complaint is that this ring is more top heavy than I had thought it would be. So while it technically fits me, it tries so hard to rotate around my finger.

Underworld and Planchette
The latest in my collection, Belonging to the Underworld in labradorite that I’ve worn every day since getting it. And the Mini Planchette. I’d debated for awhile about getting the larger, original ring (the thing that put Blood Milk on my radar!) but I’m glad I didn’t. The mini is a great size for a statement for my hand size.

Belonging to the Underworld
A side view of Belonging to the Underworld. This ring is gorgeous and I can’t get a picture that does the flash in the stone justice.

Of a Thousand Sorrows
The back of the Of a Thousand Sorrows. Part II. necklace. I wear this every day, without fail.

Blood Milk Necklaces
I’ve also got the As above, so below mini Lorraine cross necklace. I tend not to wear this as much in the summer months when I’m showing more skin, but I wear it frequently with sweaters in winter. I love how these two layer together.

Blood Milk Collection 1
The collection together, again.

My favorite two pieces in my collection are the Of a Thousand Sorrows necklace, it’s a given. It may only be a tiny sacred heart (or sacré coeur,) but I feel naked and vulnerable without it. The other is my Belonging to the Underworld ring. As the newest piece of my collection I never want to take it off. The stone is honestly amazing, looking at it as a type this it almost seems like it’s glowing. Labradorite has a special place in my heart, an amazing shield against negativity. Coupled with Jess’ intent of belonging to yourself it really is such an important piece of my collection.
I debated endlessly for this sale about what I was going to get and I was seriously considering getting Endless Night Part 1, the companion to Belonging to the Darkness. But the fact that natural gemstones were going on sale for the first time… the labradorite was a no brainer.
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Also, sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately. I had plans for posts that fell to the side when my allergies took over my life (I was more or less out of commission for five days.) And then I sprained my ankle and spent a chunk of my evening at urgent care, who were in fact pretty fantastic. So I’m going to attempt to get back on track with a more regular posting schedule. I swear.


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