In with the new

I’ve been on the Internet long enough that I’ve had about a million usernames. This isn’t my first blog by a long shot. I used to blog under the name Dishguts. It’s a reference from Undeclared, and when I was in college it made perfect sense. It was enough weird to raise some eyebrows without being too out there.

With dishguts, I felt boxed in. I tried to be a nail blog. DIY. Something in-between. Hell, there was a summer that I reviewed movies on FEARnet every week. And I won’t say it’s cringe-worthy. I’m definitely proud of some posts over there. And when my dad and I had to make the decision to put my childhood cat down I just sort of stopped, not that I was going hard before. But I needed a fresh start.
With The Navy and Black, I just want a place to compile what I’m doing in my life as a (very) post-collegiate adult. I plan on talking about adulting, makeup reviews, comics and whatever else I want. I just want to roll with it. In college I used to write a lot, and I’ve stopped in the three (!!!) years since then. And I figure that if I don’t put too much pressure on myself I’ll actually update this blog.

For now, I’ll be keeping all of my handles on social media as @dishguts.


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